Paving the Way for Associates on the Move

Break down silos. Remove barriers. Clear the path for associates ready to run.

That’s the thinking behind our strategy to build an effective, world-class organization where everyone contributes to our success.

To this end, Blue Cross senior vice presidents take part in quarterly talent meetings to learn about the company’s high-potential associates and discuss how to match their skills and aspirations with the company’s needs. Encouraging career mobility within Blue Cross is a three-part process:

  1. Identify diverse, high-potential performers at the director level and above;
  2. Evaluate the company’s overall leadership needs and succession plans; and
  3. Look for opportunities to promote or transfer high performers whose talents might better serve other business areas.

Aren’t the executives reluctant to give up their rising stars? Not at all, as Sue Sgroi, our chief human resources officer, explains: “We’re in a very competitive job market, and leaders understand that creating opportunities for key talent to develop and thrive is what makes Blue Cross so attractive to both current and prospective employees.”

We value our internal talent first and foremost so we encourage associates to consider opportunities for movement in all directions—not just up but also from one part of the organization to another.

– Sue Sgroi, chief human resources officer

We have sponsored two other highly successful talent development programs, one aimed at encouraging associates to take command of their careers, and the other to help up-and-coming professionals from outside the company learn more about us:

Career Enhancement Program (CEP). About 50 associates participated in coaching sessions, mentoring talks, and career labs through this popular three-month program. Nearly half of the program’s 146 graduates since 2013 have changed jobs within Blue Cross, either by a promotion or lateral move.

Blue Cross budget analyst Charmyra Fleming says the CEP helped her solidify her dream career in finance. “I learned about revamping my resume, networking, job shadowing, interviewing, and conveying my personal career story. The CEP gave me the confidence to believe in my abilities, do the hard work, and go for what I want.”

Speed-Networking Event: We connected Blue Cross executives with a diverse group of talented individuals from outside the company in a fun, round-robin-style networking event. The goal was to spark connections and keep Blue Cross top-of-mind as the participants continue their careers.

Vice president of commercial product management, Sheila Buckley, attended the event as a hiring leader. “This was a great opportunity for me to meet people who might not normally come through the door when I have a specific job opening,” she said. “It was a very efficient way for Blue Cross to showcase what we have to offer and for these high-caliber professionals to get to know us. It also encouraged us to think more creatively about the right talent for the jobs we’re filling and to take a longer-term view of where different candidates might fit into the company’s future.”

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