Designing a Healthier Workplace

Our employer customers often look to us for new ideas on how to help their employees lead healthier lives.

In 2015, we had a rare opportunity to incorporate numerous healthy features into the design of our own employees’ workspace as we moved into new Boston offices at 101 Huntington Avenue.


  1. Our wellness center offers scheduled classes (yoga, meditation, etc.) and wellness consultants to provide personalized plans for employees.
  2. All of our employees have automated adjustable desks, and every office floor has a treadmill desk for employees to use.
  3. Corp-5-Workplace5-228x352pxThe floors of our offices are connected by open, internal stairways and improved stairwells.
  4. We offer an extensive, healthy menu of nutritious, local, and sustainable food options in our cafeteria.
  5. A living wall of pothos plants brings nature directly into the office, cleaning the air and providing a point of relaxation.
  6. The office has 100% LED lighting, and 97% of our seated spaces have access to daylight.
  7. The new location gives our employees easy access to bus, subway, and commuter rail public transportation.
  8. We’ve enhanced our green@blue program, including composting in our cafeteria and on each floor.
  9. Carpeting is made from 100% recycled material, furniture is free of flame-retardant chemicals, and 100% of cafeteria wares are compostable.
  10. Our Empowering Abilities Employee Resource Group collaborated with the developer on workspace design, improvements to parking access, and evacuation planning.


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