A Simpler, More Personal Health Care Experience

Dear Friends:

Over the past year, Blue Cross has taken a fresh look at what our longstanding promise to always put our members first means in this age of active consumerism – starting from the member’s perspective. Building on our legacy of exceptional customer service, we are developing a more personal, collaborative relationship with our members, based on their needs, preferences, and expectations.

Too often, individuals and families have to deal with complex health systems and rules largely designed to meet the needs of professionals and organizations. Change is underway, and I expect Blue Cross to be at the forefront of the movement to redesign health insurance and the delivery of care around the people who use it.

From the most basic improvements – always communicating in simple, clear language – to new mobile and web-based applications, we are making it easier for our members to navigate the health care system, anticipating their needs and putting relevant information and guidance at their fingertips.

Personalizing and simplifying the health care experience will also pay dividends for our employer customers. They want their employees to be involved in decisions about their care, in partnership with their clinicians, so we offer products and services that link savings to the use of lower-cost, high-quality hospitals, participation in health and wellness programs, and increased adherence to recommended treatments.

The shift toward consumer engagement and patient-centered care follows two other waves of reform led by the Massachusetts health care community – the expansion of coverage in 2006 and the growing adoption of quality-based payment for physicians and hospitals.

Blue Cross pioneered payment reform seven years ago to reward improvements in quality, outcomes, and the effective use of resources for the care of our HMO members, and in 2015 we expanded the model to include our PPO members. Freed from the constraints of payment based on individual visits, tests and procedures, participating physicians and hospitals are investing more in prevention, coordination of care, and innovative clinical programs that improve the health of their patients.

Much of our work in the coming year will focus on developing even better ways to connect our members with information and support that is timely, personalized, and convenient. As the stories in this report illustrate, we believe that deeper engagement with our members – on their terms – will make it far easier for them to choose quality care, understand and manage their costs, and improve their health and well-being.

With thanks and best wishes,


Andrew Dreyfus
President and CEO
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

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